West Virginia Public Theatre began its first year in a tent on the parking lot behind Sheraton Lakeview Resort. Broadway star, Carol Lawrence, showed up with a broken leg. Dean Jones prayed for the rain to stop, and when it did, a vivid rainbow appeared. Finally, Judy Norton Taylor (oldest daughter on The Waltons) showed up. That is how we started.

Since then:

  • We have performed for over 1 million patrons
  • We have performed for over 150,000 school students who would have not otherwise had the opportunity to see a live theatrical experience
  • We have presented over 190 Broadway quality productions featuring talent from all across North America including those with extensive experience on Broadway, television and film. 

In 2016 we went through a major reorganization and the Board of Directors, now in partnership with the College of Creative Arts at WVU, has been working hard to ensure quality educational and entertainment programs for years to come. We hope you have enjoyed the past 30 wonderful seasons.  We want to bring you many more seasons of exciting theatrical experiences.