The West Virginia Public Theatre, in partnership with the College of Creative Arts of West Virginia University, enhances the cultural environment of the state and region by providing quality professional programming and educational outreach experiences for all citizens.  


The foundation of West Virginia Public Theatre’s Artistic Vision is to provide productions of the highest possible artistic quality for our audiences, reflecting the most up to date trends and artistic practices of the professional theatre world.  This vision is committed to the expression of these practices with special attention to the nature of being a human in the context of the world today, and manifested in the following categories:

1. Plays from both the contemporary and the classic Music Theatre repertoire imagined in new and innovative ways.

2. Plays and projects that reflect and explore issues that immediately affect the people of West Virginia and its surrounding communities.

3. Plays that appropriately provide entertainment and engagement for families.

4. Educational interaction and outreach to students throughout the state and the region.

5. Exploration and encouragement of new work by playwrights and composers, with a commitment to providing a place for development of new musicals and plays.

6. Representation of voices from the BIPOC community through programming and hiring.

Core Values

West Virginia Public Theatre seeks to: 

– Entertain, Inspire, and Educate Audiences with Quality Professional Theatre

– Employ Honorable and Responsible Business Practices with our Community

– Educate the Youth of the State and Region to the Wonders of the Theatre

– Enhance the Economic and Cultural Environment of our Region

– Enrich our Region by practicing and fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion