Bringing kids to the theatre

Tips for bringing young people to experience the joy of live theatre!

– While Narnia: The Musical is a family friendly show, it is recommended for ages 4 and up.  Children younger than 4 are allowed to attend but we strongly encourage parents to consider that there will be darkness, loud noises, and all patrons will be expected to stay seated and quiet for the duration of the 80 minute production regardless of age.  There will be no intermission.  If a patron becomes disruptive or distracting to those around them during the performance, they will be asked to step out of the theatre.  All patrons will need to purchase a ticket regardless of age.

How should we dress?

– We don’t have a set dress code, so you can dress your kids however you (or they) would like. If your family trip to the theatre is a special occasion, you can dress your children up in fancier clothing, but if you all want to wear everyday shirts and jeans, that’s acceptable, too. Especially for kids, the most important thing is that their outfit is comfortable, so they don’t get irritated mid-show. That said, avoid dressing your children in any kind of clothes or shoes that light up or make noise, so their outfit doesn’t distract from the performance.

If your kid is a big fan of a show and wants to wear a costume or other clothing inspired by the characters, that’s perfectly fine! Just make sure your child is comfortable in the outfit and that it doesn’t include anything — like noisy accessories or a tall headpiece — that would interfere with other audience members’ experience.

How early do I need to get to the theatre with kids?

-It’s best to get to the theatre early, especially with kids. We recommend arriving at the theatre about 30 minutes early, so you and your kids will all have time to use the bathroom, buy concessions, and find your seats before the show starts. Arriving early also gives you and the kids time to walk around the theatre — kids may be fascinated by the decor, the space, and all the people, especially if they’re in a theatre for the first time. Give them time to take it all in so they’re not distracted when the show begins!

What should I expect when going to the theatre with kids?

-There’s a lot of activity that goes on in a theatre both before and during the show — loud noises, lots of movement, and bright lights. If the stimulation ever becomes too much for your child, you can step out into the lobby or bathroom with them at any time. However, you might not be allowed back into the theatre until a certain timed entry point during the show.

But above all, you can expect fun! Being with other families and seeing a story come to life with your kids is an experience unlike any other. You can expect lively dancing, music, and storytelling that will take you and your kids to a whole different world for a few hours, and you’ll come away with a memory you’ll all share forever.

Why should I bring my kids to see a show at West Virginia Public Theatre?

-There are so many reasons to take your kids to a WVPT show, or any live theatrical experience. For one, theatre is a great form of screen-free fun — they’ll get all the immersive entertainment of an online game, and all the stories and songs that a children’s movie or TV show has to offer, without staring at a phone or computer any more than they already do. Depending on what show you go to, your children might even be seeing their favorite story come to life!

-Theatre can also be a part of a larger family outing. You can’t talk to your family much during a show, but you can make a special day of your outing —go shopping, and grab a meal before or after your show. Combined with your trip to the theatre, all these activities will make for a memory that you and your kids can all share and cherish.

– Plus, taking children to the theatre while they’re young can instill a lifelong passion for the arts. They might want to see more shows as they grow up, or even get involved in singing, dancing, or acting in your community.

We look forward to seeing you!